Straightforward Method on How to Delete a Depop Listing

Austin Distel

Depop account is trending nowadays. Well, still you want to delete an account then it is your choice.

Well, deleting a depop account has never been so tricky. You can delete the depop profile by clicking the ‘delete’ key on the upper side of your profile.

After clicking the button, you must have to confirm that you want to delete the account.

After confirming, it will take just about 10 minutes for you to totally eliminate the Depop account.

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Delete a Listing On Depop

Getting rid of a listing on Depop is indeed easy and today I will show the alternative techniques also.

If you want to deactivate a listing on Depop, check out the alternative methods here below.

1. Reach the right corner above the Depop application and see the 3 dots there.

2. Click the dots next. A pop-up box will show on the registered phone then I press the Mark item as sold.

How To Deactivate A Depop Listing

how to delete a depop listing

Are you looking forward to deactivating a listing on the Depop app, here below you can find the perfect answer for it?

1. Go to the top corner on the right-hand side of the Depop application and then you can see the 3 dots. You just then, have to click the dots.

2. Then a pop-up window will show on your registered phone number.

3. Then,  press the trash bin that says deactivate the item.

Disband a Depop Listing Vs Cut Off a Depop Listing

You can close your shop by temporarily suspending your profile by deactivating it totally.

This means you will not have access to your account and also you can not log into it. But, when you wish to sign in once again then you can. It will activate one more time.

Moreover, you can suspend or delete your Depop account for any reason. By changing the settings in your Depop account, you can permanently delete your depop account. You just have to follow the above-given steps to delete the account.

Need Of Listing On Depop

The first thing you are required to do is create a listing on the Depop application just before you start selling.

In the case when you go out of stock. Sometimes you go out of stock so, at that time, you must not take orders for the thing you require to eliminate that listing from the app. Listing as well as deleting a listing is also easy nowadays on Depop.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I remove my listing from Depop?

We can delete the stuff because it comes under our Prohibited and Restricted Items list or because it somehow infringes our rules. Many times,  the item removed is a counterfeit or first-copy thing or using cosmetics.

2. Can you unlist something on Depop?

  • Firstly, log into your account as well as reach the page ‘My Listings’.
  • Next, delete the listing you wish to eliminate.
  • You will get a text surety about your request.
  • Go further with “Yes, delete it” to confirm.

3. How do I mark a listing as sold on Depop?

In the Depop application,  you can manually mark the thing as sold by just clicking on the listing, also on the top right corner 3 little dots are there, and once you click that you just scroll down and click mark as sold.

4. Can I cut off Depop that belongs to me and create a novel one?

You can cut off a Depop account by writing an email to the company with the cut-off  request.

Depop never lets you have more than one access at once, Hence, sometimes users need to eliminate an old one to update a new one.

5. The reason for Depop stating your account has no sold items?

Generally, the item removed is a counterfeit or replica item used in cosmetics. And that is an item that was not in your possession. A spam post or an item is described using irrelevant hashtags.

6. What happens when you delete your Depop?

After deleting depop, you will no longer have access to your Depop account and you will lose all of your saved settings.

One thing you must keep in mind is that you cannot have a transparent dispute when you are about to close your account.

Hence, kindly resolve all the errors before you are trying to close your ongoing account of yours.

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