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The major reason behind deleting the account is that you can easily fall into the trap of fake users as this application allows the users to blur their images or conceal their real identities.

AdultFriendFinder is one of the verified and authentic dating applications, which has been designed for people, who want to show themselves off and the judgment-free platform is inclusive enough to encourage people to open up.

This platform provides you with ample opportunities to find a dating partner as it gives you a range of different communication means for connecting with people. You can create an account on this site for free if you want to use the basic features only.

To get access to all the premium features, you can find the premium plans for which you have to pay a minimum charge. However, this often becomes an addiction, which can cause harm to your mental health.

Thus, you must think of taking good care of your health and delete your account.

There are other reasons too! Have a brief look at this article to determine whether you should keep on using your AdultFriendFinder or not.

How to Delete an Adult Friend Finder Account

Upon using the AFF for a long time, the users often decide to delete their AFF account, which could be due to their boredom or excessive addiction.

If you are also one of those people wanting to delete your account on AFF check this out to gain an understanding of the easiest ways of deleting your account. If you are using this application on your mobile phone, just go through the steps below:

Steps 1- Sign in to your account and make sure to use the correct account credentials

Step 2- Click on the tab “My Profile”

Step 3- Scroll down to find the “Manage Account” option and select “Close Account”

Step 4- Search for the “Please Delete My Account” link

Step 5- Upon completion of the above-mentioned steps a password field will show up on your screen and you have to enter the correct password of your account and submit the same

Step 6- A black box will appear that would require you to provide a reason for removing the account

You are all done and expect your account to be deleted within about 48 hours of submission of your request for deletion of your account.

If you use the application on your PC or laptop, then you have to follow the same procedure as mentioned above with a few changes in the process. Thus, follow this procedure to ensure easy deletion of your account:

  • Login to your account using your right username and password
  • Go to the settings tab and click on that
  • Search for the option “Edit Profile”
  • You will find numerous options, so you will have to scroll down for finding the option “Close account”
  • You must have your email address, which you had registered with. Just click on that and verify
  • Complete procedure according to the directions showing up on your screen

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Why Should Or Shouldn’t Delete Your AFF Account

How To Delete AFF Account

You should delete your account if you have already found your right match or a dating partner. So there is no need to pay any subscription charge anymore as the purpose has already been solved!

Although it is one of the most authentic dating platforms, still if you are not actively using the platform, there is no point in keeping this account intact without any purpose.

Further, leaving your personal information on any website puts you at a high risk of manipulation of your information or loss of information.

Hence, to stay safe from this kind of data breach, you should delete your account to ensure your safety.

Moreover, if you haven’t still been able to find your perfect match for dating or a relationship, then this is the most appropriate platform for you to find one.

If the spam emails are the only things that are getting on your nerves, you can choose to mark the emails as spam to make sure that every time you receive an auto-generated email, it moves automatically to the spam folder right after receiving it.

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How To Recover Deleted Adult Friend Finder Account

Have you already deleted the account and now are exploring how to recover the account?

Then you have to lose your hope! You won’t get any access to your deleted account because while deleting the account you must have been warned of the “No Recovery” policy of the AFF.

All you can do right now is to create a new account with a new email address and enter the world of dating again with amazing features and people like you. Again, you have to follow the previous steps to create your new account and find new people.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I delete my account on AFF?
First, you have to sign in to your account using the right username and password and after that, you need to click on settings. Then click on Edit profile and close the account. After this, follow the directed procedure.

2. What can you do with a free AFF account?
These include liking photos, commenting on them, using search bars and filters, creating hotlists, and joining groups and blogs.

3. Can you cancel AdultFriendFinder?
Yes. By turning off the auto-renewal feature you can cancel this. This would cancel your subscription and payment prior to the deletion of your account.

4. What is Friendfinder used for?
It is used for finding different people for dating and interacting with them and regular hook-ups

5. Is FriendFinder a dating app?
Yes, it is one of the most authentic dating platforms used for finding the perfect match for dating.

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