How To Delete JPay Account In Simple Steps

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JPay account deletion could initially seem to be a complex procedure to most people, especially in cases they have lost their credentials, while it is not.

The major reason behind deleting a JPay account includes the elimination of the need to use the account.  

Once a prisoner is released, the need for using the account might be eliminated as he or she can now transfer or receive money freely without any kind of worry.

Thus, you may want to delete the account but do not have a proper understanding of the same.

Thus, go through this article in detail to gain an understanding of whether it is possible to permanently delete the account or not.

There are a few things, which should be kept in mind before making a decision regarding the deletion of the Jpay account.

What Should You Do Before Deleting The Account?

First, you have to have a proper insight into things that would happen once you close your account. The first thing that would happen is you won’t be able to retrieve any payment that you had on this.

You will immediately stop receiving any email from Jpay. You won’t be able to receive or send money from the account.

A few things should be considered prior to deleting a Jpay account and all one has to do is follow the detailed steps mentioned below:

  • The first step will be to cancel all the subscriptions
  • After that, the immediate step would be to remove the cards and withdraw all the money from the card associated with the account you want to close

Again you have to follow a few steps for ensuring the successful removal of your cards and these are:

  • Login to your account and search for the option “My Account” and click on that
  • Scroll down and click on the tab ”Payment methods”
  • Now you will be able to delete all of the cards, which you have added to the account
  • The last step involves saving the entire procedure

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How To Delete A JPay Account ?

How To Delete JPay Account

The procedure that has been elaborated on here includes how I delete my Jpay Account. The common reasons behind the desire to delete the account could involve perceived risk factors, email spamming, release from jail, and many more.

There does not exist any easy way of deleting the JPay account permanently.

In case you want not to use the account anymore, you need to close it. The easiest way of closing a JPay account involves a 4 step procedure and for that, it is essential to have the password and email address with which the account was opened.

The procedure includes 4 clearly defined steps that assist properly in deleting a JPay account. These steps include:

  • Sign in to the JPay account
  • Search for the tab “My account” and click on the same
  • Scroll down to “Payment method” and click on that
  • Select “Delete”

This is the most convenient and fast way of closing my JPay account, which ensures hassle-free deletion of the JPay account. However, by following other procedures as well, the account could be closed.

The most important thing one has to remember while closing a JPay account is the removal of the cards to stop the deduction of money.

Next, some other procedures will be explained regarding how you could delete your JPay account. Two other procedures are also there apart from the previously mentioned procedure if you want to cancel your JPay Account.

By visiting directly to the website of JPay you can close your account and this will require you to follow a comparatively big procedure in case you have forgotten your credentials. Just go through the following steps for closing your account.

Step 1- Visit the link “

Step 2- After visiting the website, a form will show up on the screen requiring you to fill up things like “Your Name”, “Email Address”, “Phone number”, “Subject” and the a blank box for filling up the requisite details of an inmate in case you are inquiring about him or her.

Step 3- In “subject box” , you need to select payment, billing and accounts

Step 4- In the body, you need to write the reasons for closing your account and request the relevant contact personnel to close the account

Step 5- Click on “Submit” after completion of the process

Through calling as well you can close the account on JPay. For this, you have to call the contact person of JPay to request them to close your account. This is the easiest and simplest way of closing your account.

However, you can find their line busy every time you try to reach out to them.

Thus, to close your account the fastest way will be through directly visiting the website and closing the account by following the requisite steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does JPay Delete Messages

After reaching a certain limit, the messages are eliminated consequently as JPay has a limit of 200 read messages and 200 uninitiated-messages

2. Can You Delete Messages on JPay?

The sender of the messages can delete the messages on JPay by visiting the sent-letter detail page and clicking on the “delete” button on the pop-up screen.

3. Can Inmates See Your Address on JPay?

JPay does not link the IP address to personally identifiable things and it means the sender will remain anonymous, though JPay includes the IP address of the sender in the aggregate information.

4. Is JPay Safe?

JPay has collaborated with federal, state, and country correctional facilities all over the U.S for providing services in the most reliable, convenient, and safe way for friends and families of incarcerated individuals.

5. What is the Phone Number of JPay?

Users can speak directly with the JPay Customer-service agents by calling at 1 (800) 574-JPAY for any query or requesting account cancellation.       

6. Can Inmates Email You Back on JPay?

In the CDCR facilities, the inmates could both receive and send messages using the JPay tablets and Kiosks.

7. Why Would an Inmate be blocked on JPay?

The inmate is blocked on JPay in case they received the money from a debit or credit card, which was stolen.

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