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If you want to know how to delete a Skillshare account, we will tell you all about it through this blog. 

Skillshare is a popular online learning space. The platform has many users taking up various learning courses.

The sheet variety of courses on the platform is endless, drawing, watercolor, calligraphy, photography, hand lettering, illustration, pattern design, graphic design, and much more.

You can also learn entrepreneurship, and social media marketing just to name a few.

However, you may have your reasons to want to delete the Skillshare account, and below are the two methods you can use for it. 

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Method 1: Deactivate the account

How To Delete Skillshare Account
  • Go to with your email id and password
  • Click on the “Profile avatar” in the top right side of the screen
  • Reach “Account Settings”
  • Select the “Make my profile private option” and “remove my profile from web search results”
  • Now save the changes

Method 2: Delete the account

  • Go to 
  • Select Technical error
  • Enter your email address linked to your Skillshare account
  • Write Request to delete the account in the subject line
  • Write your reason to delete the account
  • Enter your name and fill in the other options
  • Select Submit 

How do I log out of Skillshare?

For this select the avatar on the upper right corner of the Skillshare website and log into your account. At the bottom of the list click on “Sign Out ” placed under “Sign In”

How do I delete a Skillshare class?

You can delete a Skillshare class by removing it from the list. You can also click on the n/a” button to delete classes you don’t want in your list. 

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How do I permanently delete my Skillshare account?

How To Delete Skillshare Account

As mentioned earlier, you have to reach out to the Skillshare support department to delete your account permanently. Please bear in mind that this move is permanent and irreversible. It’s also advisable to save the data before deleting the account. The supply department will help you with it. 

How do I change my email on Skillshare?

If you want to change your email on Skillshare, here are a few steps you can follow: 

  • Reach your account settings and select Account details. You will be able to access your contact and other related information from there
  • Click on the email tab and enter your email id 
  • Check the “Send Email Automatically” checkbox and click on save

How do I check my Skillshare subscription?

If you have not received your account activation email from Skillshare, there are a few ways to follow up on it. For starters, go to the Skillshare account and select “My Account” bottom on the homepage. 

In case you cannot see the “My Account” button, or if it’s inactive, or if you have not logged in for 6 months then in all probability you don’t have an active subscription. 

To check the subscription status, go to the Subscription tab on the homepage and select “Your Subscription” If you don’t see the Your Subscription section then either your account is inactive or you have not logged into the account in 6 months.

These two things should tell you whether or not you have an active account. 

How do I contact Skillshare?

To contact Skillshare, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the website and click on the “Contact” link at the top of the page
  • Fill out the contact form and include your name, email id, and the type of membership you want (either group or individual)
  • You will receive confirmation within 2 weeks about your membership status 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I remove my credit card from Skillshare?

If you are not happy with your experience with Skillshare, you can try a few easy steps and remove your credit card details from the tool: 

  • Go to the main menu and select My account
  • Click on Remove Credit Card
  • Enter your card information and confirm the removal process

You will reach the confirmation page at the final stage when you can download the cancellation form if you want to end your membership. 

Q2. Is it easy to cancel Skillshare?

Yes. The process is fairly straightforward. Simply log into the account and click on the profile icon in the upper right corner of the page.

Reach settings and the. payments and finally cancel the membership. 

Q3. How do I edit my Skillshare profile?

Reach your account icon, on the upper top right corner of your screen and select View Profile. From there on, select the option to Edit the profile and begin the editing process. There are different section types like Project Sections, Content Sections, and Class Sections that you can edit. 

Q4. Is Skillshare actually good?

Skillshare is a good learning platform for all. The platform allows people to learn a wide range of topics online from field experts.

Students get to learn through high-quality videos that they can watch on their own time and most of the courses are of premium quality. 

Q5. How much is Skillshare monthly?

The monthly price range of Skillshare ranges between $10 to $30 and offers a variety of courses. The exact amount depends on the plan you choose. 

Q6. Can I change my name on Skillshare?

Yes. You can do that through the “My Profile” section of your account. Select the Edit Profile option to change your name. 

Q7. How do I change my email on Skillshare?

You can change your email address from the account setting section. You can access your contact information from there. Click on the email tab and enter your email address and select save. 

Q8. How do I contact Skillshare?

You can reach Skillshare by writing to them via email. We have included the process above. 


Skillshare is a fun platform with multiple possibilities. You can learn a wide range of things from this space and this gaming subscription is justified.

In this article, we have included all that you need to know to delete your subscription if you are unsatisfied with the experience. 

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