How To Delete Western Union Account | Learn The Entire Process

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Enter your account information first on the Western Union website. then choose the “Account” tab at the page’s top. On the “Account” page, scroll to the bottom and click the “Delete Account” link.

By selecting the “Remove Account” option, you may confirm that you wish to delete your account. Your account will be permanently deactivated when you do this.

There is a quick and simple solution that makes closing your Western Union account permanently a straightforward operation, protecting your financial and personal information from possible data leaks or identity theft.

Although the business prioritizes security, it is always a good idea to remove your account, especially if it is no longer required. This page might assist you if you’re unsure of how to delete Western Union account details.

How To Delete The Western Union Account?

Users may send and receive money internationally using the Western Union money transfer service. The procedures listed below can be used to delete your Western Union account if you no longer require it.

Any accrued points from prior transactions will be lost if you permanently remove your Western Union account. Additionally, your transfer history will be removed.

Your Western Union account may be deleted in a number of ways:

Contact Customer Care

Western Union advises getting in touch with a Customer Care agent at 1-800-325-6000 if you want to delete an account. For further support, there is also an automated chat option. Users of TYY can connect through the National Relay Service by dialling 1-800-877-8973.

By Email

You can email support with a request to delete your current account. The request must come from the email address you have on file. In the subject line, type “Request to Delete Western Union Account.”

Additionally, you must supply the following details:

  • Full name
  • Profile name
  • Registered phone number
  • Western Union account number
  • Brief description of why you want to delete your account

Within around 30 days, you should get the confirmation.

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How To Delete Western Union Account Using DoNotPay?

how to delete western union account

DoNotPay makes closing a Western Union account simple. It is the ideal method to finally and completely delete your financial and personal data from their database.

If you don’t know where to begin when trying to erase previous accounts, DoNotPay has you covered with these 7 simple steps:

  1. Navigate to DoNotPay’s Delete Old Accounts offering.
  1. Choose the account type, such as email, streaming service, social networking, gaming, online store, and more, that you want to remove.
  2. Provide further information about your accounts, such as usernames and any linked emails or phone numbers.
  3. Enter the date the account was initially created, the most recent time you checked in, any saved payment methods, etc., to assist us in confirming your account ownership.
  4. If you have any photographic proof that demonstrates your ownership of the account, upload it.
  5. Type in any passwords that you last knew or used.
  6. Fill out your contact details and send the assignment!

Deleting A Western Union Account With DoNotPay Is:

  • Fast – The time it takes to complete your request is really short.
  • Easy – You don’t need to fill out time-consuming forms or browse challenging websites since the automated DoNotPay system will walk you through every step of the process.
  • Successful – Knowing that your account has been permanently erased will give you comfort.

“When it comes to canceling their Western Union accounts, many consumers become upset.

Other than calling their Customer Care, they don’t offer any links on their website or detailed instructions for canceling the account. Additionally, there are claims from former clients that their accounts are disabled rather than completely erased.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I cancel my Western Union account?
You can first remove a Western Union account by calling 1-800-325-6000 to speak with a customer service agent. Users of TTY can connect through the National Relay Service by dialing 1-800-877-8973.

2. Is Western Union Safe?
Yes, Western Union is a secure way to transmit money, is a quick response. But before you use Western Union to send money, there are a few things you should be aware of.

Western Union is a governed business. That implies that it must abide by specific guidelines established by the government. Consumers are protected from fraud and scams by these laws and standards.

3. How do I delete my Moneygram account?
Contact them using the “Contact Us” page on their website at to have your User Account deactivated. Your outstanding Transfer requests may be canceled at their sole discretion if they suspend or delete your User Account for any reason.

4. How do I change my Western Union account?
Please go to the Western Union website and follow the steps if you want to modify your account.

5. How do I remove my card details from Western Union?
Select Payment from the main menu. To access the payment gateway, choose Pay Online next. The top of this page has a link labeled “My Profile.” You may modify your payment method here.

6. How do I cancel my Western Union app?
Here are the steps:

1. Register an account on the website and log in.

2. At the top of the website, select the “Account” tab.

3. Select “Deactivate My Account” from the menu under “My Profile.”

4. Completing deactivation requires following the instructions.

5. Your account will be dormant when deactivation is finished, and you can remove it if you’d like.

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