About us

About us

Doom10.org provides partners with an unrivalled platform for reaching tech-savvy people. Doom10 conducts events that integrate digital media and virtual activations, and several media-only specialties focused on significant technology events. We develop compelling content that engages readers and establishes companies as thought leaders in their fields.

Andrew Joe

Hello, I am the Head of the SEO Department here. My work is to keep our website on the first rank.
doom10 has given me the best working experience in my lifetime.

Austin Distel

Hey, I am The Head of doom10 and also a Tech Seeker. Tech has been my passion since childhood.
doom10 has helped me discover so many new places and explore the world like I never did.

Doom10 is a large-scale multimedia project to give solutions in the future for a broad audience. As technology spawned a new generation of digital consumers, our initial editorial observation was that technology had gone from the outskirts of culture to the absolute core. We now live in a brilliant world of screens, which has ushered in media, transportation, and scientific revolutions. The future is approaching at a breakneck speed. 

With a unique, powerful, and uncomplicated style that makes the site simple to read and browse, doom10 has set itself apart from other blogs. Our editorial standards are likewise relatively high, and we promise that none of the gaming reviews we write has been affected in any way. They are our employees’ solitary and uninvited views.